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Newly Added Businesses in Soweto

Ljam Trading And Projects Cc

Address: 880A Jack Klipin Road Zone 1 Diepkloof Soweto Gauteng 1862

Category: clothing

Alf Kumalo Historical Photography Museum

Address: 552 Diepkloof Extension Soweto Gauteng 1862

Category: Business Consulting

Pimville Supermarket

Address: 4633 Orlando East Soweto Jhb 2001

Category: Fruit & Vegetable Markets

Burgundy Fly

Address: 333 Maponya Mall Old Potchefstroom Road Soweto

Category: clothing

Ilangabi Investments 17

Address: 2597 Ntloko Street Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Property Managers

Glayton Projects

Address: 231 Malatsi Street Moletsane Soweto Gauteng 1868

Category: Advertising Banners

Mqhayi Distribution And Projects Services

Address: 1868 Mahube Street Moroka Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Accommodations

Isiqalo Samantungwa Supply And Projects

Address: 1285 Sigcawu Street Dlamini 1 Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Community Services

Kwa Minji Motor Spares

Address: 1087 Zamkulungisa Street Soweto Gauteng 1868

Category: Motor Spares

Ht Body Therapy

Address: Tooi Butshingi Street Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Body Therapy


Address: Shop No 147 Old Potchefstroom Road Soweto Gauteng

Category: African Fashions


Address: Postal Box114 Diepkloof Soweto 1864

Category: Aids Symptoms

Interactive Trading 9

Address: 2017A - Nalegi Soweto 1868

Category: Interactive Trading

Mxo Deco Solutions

Address: 7434 Khumalo Street Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Household Furniture

18 Area Foods

Address: 6324 Shuenyane Street Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Foods

Shuping And Son Construction

Address: 535 Klipspruit P O Soweto Gauteng 1808

Category: Constructions

Dimakatso Fashion Design

Address: 702 Fani Street Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Fashions

Young Millionaires Club

Address: 854/63 Mafumbu Street Zondi One Kwa Xuma Soweto Gauteng 1868

Category: Corporate Events

Fundamental Production

Address: 546 Diepkloof Extention Ii Soweto Gauteng 1864

Category: computers

Hilda Dhlamini Herbalist

Address: 3525 Orlando East Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Herbalists

Nandis Cleaning Catering And Other Business Projects

Address: 3008 Vilakazi Street Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Caterings

Jade Mega Trade 35

Address: 2410 Tshiawelo Mulutanyi Street Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 1818

Category: Computer Networking

M J S Management Consultants

Address: 2025 Dlamini Extension Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Business Consulting

Womba Womba Percussion And Winds Ensemble

Address: 158 Matheatsie Moroka Soweto Gauteng 1868 South Africa

Category: African Music

Ebom Consultancy Cc

Address: 1254A Matete Street Mofolo Central Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 1800

Category: Clothing Products

Pural Projects

Address: 1031 Matlomo Street Soweto Gauteng 1868

Category: Insurances

Domestic Workers And Nanny Agency

Address: Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 1864

Category: Agency

Options Optometrists Sa

Address: Shop 37 Maponya Mall Chris Hani Road Soweto Gauteng 1809

Category: Africa

Rhythm of movement

Address: 236b, forbes roads, zone 8

Category: Dj Agency

African Powercrete

Address: Corner R558 And Incuncu Street Soweto Gauteng 1834

Category: bricks

Perfect Positions Investments 50

Address: 9639 Monale Street Soweto Gauteng 1863

Category: Investments

Kgato Pele Skills Development Consultants

Address: 3051 Matela Ext Soweto Gauteng 1818


Ulwandle Catering And Projects

Address: 199 Chiawelo Extension 3 Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 2001

Category: Business Services

Thoboki Stationery Suppliers

Address: 618 Letsatsi Street Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Stationery Suppliers

Midnight Star Trading 56

Address: 832 Rob Center Cnr Mahalefele Soweto Gauteng 1864

Category: Business Consulting

Admiral Financial Services

Address: 5450 Mhlakothi Street Soweto Gauteng 1809

Category: Financial Services

Madzula Vhuswa Transport Services And Projects Cc

Address: 3435 Modimosane Street Dobsonville Soweto Roodeport Gauteng 1863

Category: transport

Sako Investments

Address: 2667 Protea Glen Soweto Gauteng 1818

Category: Financial Services

Survey Estate

Address: 231 Malatsi Street Moletsane Soweto Gauteng 1868

Category: Estates

Lehapa Business Enterprise

Address: 1952 Moletsane Soweto Gauteng 18681868

Category: Business Services

Sbh Transport Services

Address: 1486 Emdeni South Soweto Gauteng 1886

Category: Logistics Services

Eyethu Human Resources Solutions

Address: 11849 Mtipa Street Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Human Resources

Simons Glass

Address: Unit 29 Orlando Industrial Park West Soweto Gauteng

Category: Aluminium

Mebala Couture

Address: Shop No. 147 Maponya Mall Old Potch Road Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 1806

Category: African Couture

Wheels Media

Address: Protea North Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng 1818

Category: Accident Damaged Cars

senzokuhle daycare

Address: 3172 ext 2

Category: Day Care Center

Net Office Resource Centre

Address: 5104 Inkonjane Street Soweto 1818

Category: Office Resource

Max Waitering Services

Address: 3224 Protea Glen Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Accommodations

Malillys Wholesaler Cod

Address: 9101A Mvubu Str Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Groceries

Pc Mini Shop

Address: Ga4793 Block 1 Soweto Gauteng 1804

Category: Pcs